August 13, 2021

Is Mexico A Credible Alternative For Importers From China?

In this episode...

Dan Harris from China Law Blog recently wrote: "Mexico is the New China" and Manufacturers are Moving There.

Having read it, Sofeast's CEO Renaud Anjoran and Adrian from the team discuss nearshoring, how credible an alternative to China Mexico is as a location for your manufacturing and some of Mexico's pros & cons. Renaud also gives some guidance on how importers need to assess their supply chains to decide if and where moving some of their manufacturing is beneficial.


Show Notes

00:00 - Introduction. 

00:59 -  Is Mexico really a credible alternative to China? 

03:28 - What is happening in China (and SE Asia) that is driving US companies out to other countries like Mexico?  

08:00 - Why Mexico is an obvious choice for some US importers suffering from supply chain risks in Asia. 

09:13 - Is moving to Mexico something that would be more suitable for SMEs rather than MNCs? 

14:14 - Could nearshoring to somewhere like Mexico be more expensive than having a supply chain in Asia? 

18:39 - What benefits does Mexico have? 

21:04 - Are many companies truly moving 100% of their manufacturing to Mexico, or is it more of a supplemental location? 

25:19 - What are Mexico's drawbacks? 

29:47 - Renaud's tips on managing the process of moving some/all manufacturing out of China. 

36:14 - Wrapping up


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