May 21, 2021

Why Pre-Production Samples Are So Important

In This Episode...

Renaud Anjoran, Sofeast's CEO, is back with Adrian from the team this week and they're discussing why pre-production samples (also known as golden samples) are such an important tool for obtaining your desired results once your products go into mass production.

What are PP samples? How do they evolve over time until they're a final PP or 'golden' sample? What problems do they help avoid? How to specify your exact requirements? Who pays for them? These questions and more are answered in this episode!


Show Notes

00:00 - Introducing the episode, discussion about the COVID situation and problematic raw material cost rises 

03:34 - What are pre-production samples and where do they fit in the production process? 

12:57 - Specify what YOU mean by a PP sample 

14:58 - About 'Golden' samples

16:07 - How do you assure that your external inspection company gets hold of the PP sample?

18:52 - Some issues that we can expect to iron out during pre-production sample development

21:58 - Is it common for the PP sample process to be skipped? 

23:00 - Why do suppliers deviate from your PP sample during production and what can be done to guard against this happening? 

27:28 - How to reduce variations? 

29:00 - Should importers pay for PP samples? 

31:01 - Does the inability to visit China or other Asian countries hinder an importer's ability to approve samples? 

34:05 - Wrapping up


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