September 9, 2022

What to do when a product inspection fails?

In this episode...

Sofeast's CEO Renaud Anjoran and Adrian from the team are back and talking about something else you don't want to experience but may if you're unfortunate. A failed product inspection!

Renaud will explain to you why the type of inspection matters, a step-by-step process to follow to fix problems highlighted by a product inspection report now, and how to put corrective and preventive actions in place to stop the problem from reoccurring in future production runs.


Show Sections

00:00 - Greetings & Topic: What happens if a product inspection is failed?

01:56 - What kind of inspection has been failed?

03:42 - Actions you need to take to fix the problem/s now if a final inspection has been failed.

04:10 - 1. Insist that the manufacturer does NOT ship anything until the matter has been investigated and settled.

05:57 - 2. Examine your quality standard, the situation found by the inspector, and what the cause of the gap between them is.

17:56 - 3. Make the right people at the factory aware of the inspection report in a neutral manner to get their cooperation. 

20:43 - 4. Get the manufacturer to fix an issue.

25:12 - 5. Order another inspection before shipment to remove doubt.

26:14 - Preventing the same problem from occurring again in future.

32:54 - In summary.


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