August 20, 2021

5 Challenges Importers Face When Preparing For 2022

In this episode...

Renaud and Adrian discuss 5 of the challenges that lie ahead for importers who need to start preparing for 2022 now in August 2021! We've got Covid-19 and its lockdowns and travel restrictions, the shipping situation with enormously high costs and delays, a shortage of electronic components, and an unfavorable USD/RMB exchange rate. 

How could these affect you? Keep listening to find out!


Show Notes

00:00 - Introduction. 

02:26 -  Summary of the 5 challenges we'll discuss: Covid-19, shipping, electronic component shortages, the USD/RMB exchange rate, and why it's too late to ship for Christmas 2021 now and why importers need to hurry up and ship for CNY.

03:52 - Challenge 1. Time (Shipping in time for Christmas and CNY). 

05:55 - Challenge 2. Covid-19 (How Covid is still disrupting manufacturing and importers). 

19:46 - Challenge 3. Shipping (crazy high costs and delays). 

28:31 - Challenge 4. Shortage of electronic components. 

31:30 - Challenge 5. USD/RMB exchange rate. 

36:53 - Wrapping up


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