December 3, 2021

Project management & checking quality early in production - Sourcing from China (Part 3)

In this episode...

In episode 65 we discussed the different supplier options open to buyers who’re sourcing from China. One of the options is to do the sourcing yourself. Many importers want to pursue this, so we're creating a mini-series of episodes that explores the sourcing process from China with tips and best practices from Sofeast's CEO Renaud Anjoran.

In part 2 of the series (episode 75), we went through the terms you need to negotiate with your chosen supplier, how to keep leverage over them, and how and why to clearly describe what you actually want from them at the pre-production stage.

Now we're ready to start production, but how do you manage the project and keep control over product quality before the goods are ready for shipping? Find out here...


Show Sections

00:00 - Introduction. 

02:51 - When we're working with a Chinese supplier, will they provide a dedicated member of staff to manage your order/project? 

10:07 - What can very large companies like Apple expect from their suppliers in China? 

12:40 - Why it's YOUR job to drive the project and get your contact to follow up. 

14:05 - What penalties can be enforced to keep suppliers in line? 

22:10 - What are the production tracking best practices that professional buyers follow?

30:44 - Are WeChat/Skype/Email effective for managing projects? 

32:04 - What issues can be found and fixed if you perform quality inspections early on in production? 

34:54 - When can we send an inspector during production and what difference does the timing make? 

40:04 - What happens if a problem/s is found? 

43:48 - How is the 1:10:100 ratio related to taking action on problems early? 

49:20 - Wrapping up. 


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