August 5, 2022

Your Product Return Rate & How To Control It?

In this episode...

The Sofeast Group's head of New Product Development, Andrew Amirnovin, joins Adrian once again to discuss what the product return rate is and how to reduce yours.

He provides a checklist of activities you can take during development to avoid issues that result in returns, and, should the worst happen and you start receiving returns on products that have been sold already, he also gives you a series of activities to follow to triage and fix the problems.

Don't miss it, this information could save you a LOT of effort, money, and damage to your reputation!


Show Sections

00:00 - Greetings, introducing the topic.

01:17 - Andrew introduces his role as new product development head in the Sofeast group.

02:58 - What is the product return rate?

05:07 - How return rates vary depending on product type.

06:45 - What are the 5 main causes of product returns?

10:37 - 7 Steps you can take to ensure you get as low a return rate as possible BEFORE the product is sold.

25:51 - If a product you’re already selling starts getting returned, what can you do? (6 steps)

33:00 - Some famous product recalls.

36:10 - The role of the NPI process.

38:27 - Wrap up.


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