June 4, 2021

Deep Dive Into Product Development Agreements For Importers

In This Episode...

Renaud Anjoran, Sofeast's CEO, joins Adrian from the team to explore product development agreements that clarify your expectations, protect your IP, keep leverage over your supplier, provide you with transparency and control over your supply chain, and make it 100% clear who is responsible for what when working with a supplier on developing a new product that is going to be manufactured in China or other Asian countries.


Show Notes

00:00 - Introducing the episode

00:45 - What is a product development agreement? 

03:46 - Common risks that a PD agreement will protect against

07:03 - Is working with a contract manufacturer best when developing a new product?

12:04 - The 3 key phases of a product development agreement -

17:44 - Key points that a development agreement needs to clarify

25:31 - The difference between owning Intellectual property rights and the 'deliverables' 

29:44 - Retaining the ability to switch to another manufacturer as a worst-case scenario 

31:04 - Wrapping up 


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