June 11, 2021

How To Choose The Right Packaging To Protect Your Products

In This Episode...

Renaud Anjoran, Sofeast's CEO, joins Adrian from the team to discuss packaging! We take a close look at how packaging has a serious effect on your products' chances of arriving with you in one piece from wherever they've been manufactured.

Packaging materials, supply chain risks, and packaging reliability testing are all scrutinized to give you a good introduction to this topic and help you choose the right packaging for your needs.

You'll see why considering packaging and developing the right inner and outer packaging for your needs should be done during the product development process and should neither be left until the last minute nor to your supplier to handle.


Show Notes

00:00 - Introduction & how COVID-19 is affecting logistics, especially in China in Summer 2021 

02:25 - What is packaging's role in the protection of products? 

04:37 - The role of pallets and crates 

06:59 - What's 'the rule' when you're thinking of packaging for protecting products? 

10:39 - Why deciding on the packaging should be an important part of the NPI process

14:04 - Examples of different kinds of products that have varying protection needs from their packaging 

17:20 - What elements are critical to choosing the right packaging? 

20:16 - Outlining which packaging reliability tests are done to replicate real-world conditions 

24:30 - Renaud's key takeaways about selecting the right packaging for the job 

27:18 - Wrapping up 


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