September 10, 2021

What Are The New Product Development Deliverables?

In this episode...

Sofeast's CEO Renaud Anjoran is joined by Adrian from the team and they go through what deliverables buyers can expect to receive when working with suppliers during a new product development project in order to get safe, high-quality products into mass production.

If you are developing a new product, you'll get a good grounding into what should be performed and documented during the process from product R&D through to mass production, including design files, the BOM, how to reduce risks, the control plan, inspections, pre-production validation testing, and more.


Show Notes

00:00 - Introduction. 

01:03 - Going through the NPD process from the buyer's side and its deliverables in detail. 

  • 04:06 - The latest version of design files. 
  • 05:42 - The BOM. 
  • 07:28 - Risk mitigation. 

09:28 - Elements and learnings from the automotive industry (PPAP). 

  • 10:49 - Risk analysis - FMEA on design & processes. 
  • 14:28 - The process flow chart/diagram. 
  • 15:55 - The control plan. 
  • 19:37 - Calibration or verification certificates of fixtures and instruments for checking quality. 
  • 21:44 - Product QC inspections.
  • 23:31 - Pilot run stage - EVT, DVT, PVT.
  • 28:03 - Engineering changes.
  • 29:23 - Prototypes/tooling/PP samples.

31:44 - Does every type of part or product require such stringent deliverables? 

33:45 - Wrapping up


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