April 29, 2022

Levels of Quality Standards (from Basic to Advanced)

In this episode...

In order for your manufacturer to truly understand what you expect from them a quality standard for your product is required. This lays out how the product should look, its components and materials, what defects are and aren't acceptable (if any), its color, and so many other important aspects that Renaud will go into here.

There are different levels of quality standards, from most basic to advanced...you'll see how they all fit together to keep everyone aligned and reduce quality problems from the start of your cooperation with the supplier.


Show Sections

00:00 - Greetings & Introduction

01:03 - What are quality standards?

07:51 - Does every importer implement a clear standard?

10:41 - 1. The golden sample.

16:20 - 2. Specifications sheet.

27:13 - 3. Defect board.

29:23 - 4. Boundary samples.

34:37 - How to handle and keep physical samples safe?

38:19 - Avoiding different conclusions being drawn during inspections by confirming the measurement system to be used, etc.

41:57 - Wrapping up. 

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