April 22, 2022

What Happens If You Decide To Leave Your Chinese Supplier?

In this episode...

A few episodes ago we put a call out to listeners for questions about manufacturing, especially in China, that they'd like Sofeast's CEO Renaud Anjoran to answer. 

One particularly good question that would require too long an answer for just one section of an episode was:

What checklist of activities does an importer need to perform when ending business relationships with a Chinese contract manufacturer? 

So, in this episode, Renaud takes you through what happens if you decide to leave your Chinese supplier, including reasons why you'd need to, how to manage the process, and some of the typical actions that need to be taken (in a kind of checklist).


Show Sections

00:00 - Greetings & Introduction

01:47 - Why can starting the process to leave your Chinese supplier be tricky?

06:29 - Reasons why you might decide to leave a supplier.

19:49 - Why the difficulty of doing business with Chinese suppliers these days may force some businesses to move away from even good suppliers.

21:26 - How to manage the process of moving production out of one factory in China to another?

27:31 - How to onboard your new manufacturer?

30:09 - What to do about your tooling?

36:21 - Lying to a supplier to ease a move. Yes, or no?

38:39 - What activities should we plan to do when transferring production from one supplier to a new one?

40:57 - Wrapping up. 

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