June 3, 2022

Increasing Visibility Over Your Supply Chain

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A common problem that buyers from China particularly suffer from is a lack of transparency and control over their supply chains.

Do you know exactly who supplies your main supplier at all times? If the answer is no, this episode is for you, especially if you are worried about compliance, safety, quality, reliability, and the reputation of your business. 

Sofeast CEO Renaud and Adrian from the team go over the risks of lacking visibility over your supply chain, why it's becoming even more important, and some best practices that will help you have more transparency and control.


Show Sections

00:00 - Greetings & Introduction to today's topic: how to increase visibility over your supply chain

03:05 - Does everyone know who's in their supply chain?

05:18 - Background: Regulations coming into action requiring more supply-chain visibility.

11:29 - Real examples of people we've worked with at Sofeast who suffered problems caused by a lack of visibility over their supply chains.

14:06 - Do Chinese suppliers often try to hide supply chain info and why?

19:18 - The drawbacks of NOT having visibility over your supply chain.

  1. You will suffer from more unwelcome surprises because if you don't have visibility, you don't have control. 
  2. You are at risk of very bad PR. 
  3. Product quality issues are probably going to more common. 
  4. Production will be more inefficient. 

31:19 - Best practices that will help you have better supply chain visibility.

  • Tips if you're developing your own products
  • Tips if you're buying products off-the-shelf
  • Confirm that you're buying from a manufacturer rather than a trading company
  • Have a manufacturing agreement

38:18 - Wrapping up. 

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