May 14, 2021

Greg Fleming | Vietnam VS China Manufacturers & Digitizing Processes In The Factory

In This Episode...

Renaud interviews Greg Fleming, an experienced merchandising and manufacturing operations manager who went from New Zealand to Australia to China and finally is now based in Ho Chi Minh City in South Vietnam.

Greg's background is mainly in the apparel trade, from fabric production to retail. Due to his experience in both Vietnam and China, he is well-placed to give us some really interesting insight into manufacturing in both countries.

Since Vietnam is a very popular China-alternative for many importers, let's hear more about it from Greg here!


Show Notes

00:00 - Introducing the episode, Greg, and his experience

01:51 - What's the COVID-19 situation in Vietnam? 

04:51 - What are the main differences between working with Chinese or Vietnamese manufacturers? 

09:11 - What have been the main obstacles that have prevented Vietnamese manufacturers from digitizing their processes? 

12:23 - Is there a particular software Greg suggests for apparel based on his experience? 

15:56 - How software can save on costs of getting a new apparel product from concept to production (example) 

17:22 - How software can save on costs of getting a piece of new furniture from concept to production (example) 

19:29 - When starting the digital transformation on a factory, where to begin? 

28:57 - Summarising Greg's approach of implementing IT  

31:15 - Is there a risk that some importing countries will start to demand more proof that products are truly made in the country claimed, materials are not from certain contentious areas, they are sustainable, etc? What is the solution to this? 

34:40 - Wrapping up


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