November 12, 2021

Andrew Amirnovin | The Importance Of Setting Up A Good Reliability Testing Plan

In this episode...

Renaud is joined by Andrew Amirnovin, our head of New Product Development at Sofeast, to discuss the topic of reliability testing plans which is closely related to product design, as well-designed products don't fail in the field as they're designed to be reliable.

Some companies bringing products to market think that reliability comes during the product manufacturing phase, but in this episode, you'll hear why that isn't the case.

Andrew also gives some guidance on how to reduce reliability issues, what a reliability test plan should include, and the role of ongoing reliability testing after production starts.


Show Sections

00:00 - Greetings & introducing Andrew

02:54 - What is product reliability and why is it important?

07:54 - How to reduce common reliability problems that occur after some time? 

10:58 - Do companies take reliability testing very seriously in general? 

12:04 - At what point in the NPD process should you start thinking about product reliability?  

14:11 - What do we learn from testing prototypes to failure? 

17:43 - Should the reliability test plan be changed while iterating prototypes? 

21:10 - An example of corner-cutting: The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 'disaster.' 

26:20 - Another example: The Boeing 737 Max. 

27:49 - What is the role of ongoing reliability testing during production? 

31:18 - Product reliability risks caused by having an extended supply chain. 

32:38 - Wrapping up


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