October 8, 2021

What Is The Cost Of Poor Quality? (feat. Clive Greenwood & Max Phythian)

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Sofeast CEO Renaud Anjoran is joined once again by the duo of Clive Greenwood who is a six sigma black belt with a focus on medical devices, quality, and operations, and Max Phythian a pure lean consultant who's worked for some of the largest names in the Auto industry. The three of them boast decades of experience in manufacturing around the world.

Today they're discussing the cost of quality, specifically of poor quality. You'll get answers to these questions: What does 'cost of poor quality' mean, where does it come from, what strategies can be followed to avoid it, and what's the most important thing to focus on first when working with a supplier who may not be too quality-focused? The panel all have their own thoughts on how to define the cost of quality and what it means to importers, so listen to their spirited conversation here.


Show Sections

00:00 - Introduction. 

01:40 - When we talk about the cost related in some way to quality we have prevention and appraisal, internal failures, and external failures. What do these mean? 

07:51 - What's the ROI of investing in zero defects? 

13:28 - What benefits does QA provide aside from cost reduction? 

20:13 - Supplier quality management. 

25:13 - Design For Quality (DFQ) and why quality is an investment. 

28:50 - What does the customer need to do if a Chinese manufacturer is unsophisticated and has little awareness about quality? 

44:03 - Wrapping up. 


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