November 18, 2022

CNY 2023 is coming! Let’s get ready!

In this episode...

Renaud and Adrian from the team are looking ahead to Chinese New Year 2023 which is early next year on January 22nd. Take this as your annual reminder about why the holiday period can disrupt your supply and what you need to do to prepare for it, because in all likelihood your suppliers will be off for a good couple of weeks or so and the time periods surrounding the holiday also throw up challenges, too, which we'll get into...


Show Sections

00:00 - Greetings

00:30 - When is Chinese New Year?

02:27 - Be aware if your suppliers are likely to be busy around this time.

05:37 - Why the risk of naughty factory owners taking your money and running is higher just before CNY.

08:54 - Do you have enough inventory to carry you through the holiday?

11:28 - There is a lot of uncertainty in China in the manufacturing industry.

19:13 - Why NOT to have all your eggs in the China basket...

24:12 - Would it be realistic to schedule orders to be produced by suppliers outside of China in and around the CNY period as a way to reduce the risks of disruption of supply?

26:13 - Why the time period before and after CNY is also a 'red zone.'

32:49 - When is it safe to start ordering as normal?

59:03 - Wrapping up.


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