September 17, 2021

Andy Bartlett | Exploring Product Design & NPI Process Best Practices For A New Product

In this episode...

Sofeast's CEO Renaud Anjoran is joined by experienced British product designer Andy Bartlett to discuss the NPI process and product design best practices for new and unique products, and the disconnect between expectations and reality of many entrepreneurs or companies who are inexperienced in developing new products.

Andy brings a product designer's point of view to show and he and Renaud explore some of the most critical product design and development stages, why they're so important, some examples of products that had issues and why, and certain mistakes to avoid for product development rookies.


Show Notes

00:00 - Introduction. 

02:11 - What is the disconnect between expectation and reality when developing a new product and why might this happen? 

08:36 - Why the early design work is critical as it determines so much of later work in the project. 

10:51 - An example of a poorly designed product that negatively affected the whole NPI project. 

15:16 - Getting to the answer "NO." 

20:03 - The key takeaways about early design work.

21:35 - Getting to prototypes quickly (agile product development). 

28:04 - Common mistakes that can cause problems once mass production starts. 

36:26 - An example of what happens to you if your product causes injury or death. 
38:31 - Benefits of going to market with a Minumum Viable Proposition. 

40:20 - Wrapping up


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