April 30, 2021

9 Things Small Importers Can’t Negotiate With Chinese & SE Asian Suppliers

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Sofeast's CEO Renaud Anjoran is joined by Adrian from the team for a conversation about some of the things that smaller companies who are getting products manufactured abroad either cannot or will have great difficulty negotiating with suppliers in China, Vietnam, or other popular manufacturing destinations in Asia?

This list of 9 items will give you some idea about what is realistic if you're manufacturing lower volumes.


Show Notes

00:00 - Introducing the episode 

02:24 - How do you define what a small importer is? 

9 Things Small importers can't negotiate with suppliers in China & SE Asia

04:41 - 1. Negotiating with large contract manufacturers 

10:34 - 2. Reserving production capacity for the mid- or even the long-term 

13:56 - 3. Negotiating directly with large sub-suppliers 

17:59 - 4. Gaining open-book visibility about the supplier and their costs, facility, etc  

24:37 - 5. Forcing the factory to use your own ERP system 

26:32 - 6. Negotiating ‘open account’ payment terms 

28:08- 7. Negotiating product warranty & liability from the supplier 

30:52 -8. The ability to physically shape the supply chain 

32:25 - 9. Having their own teams on site all the time 

34:17 - Wrapping up


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