September 16, 2022

8 Secrets for Successfully Implementing a dFMEA (Feat. Andrew Amirnovin)

In this episode!

The Sofeast Group's head of New Product Development, Andrew Amirnovin, shares his 8 secrets for successfully implementing a dFMEA (Design Failure Mode and Effects Analysis).

This approach will help you de-risk your product design at an early stage, greatly reducing the chances of failure once the product reaches customers.

Many businesses and staff members know what the dFMEA is, but not so many know the secrets to successfully implementing it so the preventive actions you come up with 'stick' and you enjoy long-lasting improvements.


Show Sections

00:00 - Greetings and introducing the topic: dFMEA.

01:29 - What is a dFMEA and its purpose?

04:40 - How to implement the dFMEA (10 steps included in the process)?

09:01 - The 8 secrets of dFMEA implementation that will set you up for success.

17:29 - Wrapping Up.


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