May 27, 2022

6 Tips to Improve your Supplier’s Quality - Sourcing from China (Part 8)

In this episode...

We’re diving back into our series of episodes on how to do your own sourcing from China, from finding suppliers, getting the products manufactured, and through to post-cooperation soft skills such as building rapport with them, following up on production, and today’s topic: Improving the product quality that you’re getting from your now current supplier with 6 tips and best practices from Sofeast's CEO Renaud Anjoran.

Who doesn't want better product quality from existing manufacturers, right?

By the way, this is part 8 of this series, and if you want to go back and listen to every earlier part of this series check out the links below.


Show Sections

00:00 - Greetings & Introduction

02:29 - Are product defects impossible to avoid?

Some advice for getting towards zero defects (with low/no capital investment)

07:53 - The supplier needs to be incentivised to care about quality

10:54 - Tip 1: Beware of batch and queue

15:57 - Tip 2: Local management needs to build up a disciplined culture

21:06 - Tip 3: Getting operators to do some QC work

26:23 - Tip 4: Implement a usability engineering approach & mistake-proofing

31:35 - Tip 5: Clear work instructions & staff training

37:18 - Tip 6: Process controls

41:54 - Wrapping up. 

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These resources will also help you understand how to build relationships with suppliers or improve (or end) those that you already have:

And, if all else fails and you need to ditch your current supplier and switch to a new one...


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