December 17, 2021

The 3 Elements Your Factory Needs To Get Right For Good Manufacturing Performance (feat. Andrew Amirnovin)

In this episode...

Your host Renaud is joined once again by Andrew Amirnovin, our head of New Product Development at Sofeast, to discuss the 3 elements a factory (yours or your supplier's) needs to get right in order for you to get good manufacturing performance. This would result in the results we want in the longer term: good product quality, costs in line with our expectations, fast delivery times, and safe products.

If you feel that your supplier can improve any of the above, for example, then this episode will be helpful in providing you with guidance about where changes need to be made based on Renaud and Andrew's decades of experience and real learnings from our projects over the years with Sofeast clients in China, Vietnam, India, and other areas of Asia.


Show Sections

00:00 - Greetings & introducing Andrew

01:50 - Explaining today's topic - the elements needed for good manufacturing performance.

03:45 - A quick overview of the 3 elements: An effective management system, manufacturing processes under control, and well-designed products properly transferred to manufacturing.

05:49 - 1. The management system.

19:36 - 2. Running manufacturing processes following best practices.

29:00 - 3. Well-designed products that are properly transferred to manufacturing.

44:07 - Conclusion: What you need in place to have good manufacturing.

45:19 - Wrapping up


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