After reading IndustryWeek's article: What Will Manufacturing’s New Normal Be After COVID-19?, Adrian and Renaud discuss the topic with a special focus on China.

If you have a supply chain or factory in China, how might things change for you in the future and, if you're in lockdown right now and cannot travel to China, what kinds of activities can you do to keep making progress in 2020?

The message is that things don't need to be on hold! There are useful activities that importers and manufacturers can perform right now that will help you hit the ground running post-COVID, and the use of technology may spur this even more.


Today's topics

In summary, we cover these topics:

  • Remote activities importers and manufacturers can do, such as product development.
  • Which industries are thriving during the pandemic and which are negatively affected.
  • What kinds of safety measures have been brought in to factories in China?
  • Is productivity being affected by this?
  • Can manufacturing be returned to the West 'easily' if automation is factored in?
  • How likely is it that companies can 'decouple' from China post-coronavirus? What challenges exist for reshoring or near-shoring and what are the benefits?
  • Is digitization going to increase in the future and how can it be helpful?


Show notes

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